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Class Schedule


​​Classes at Elevation Family Chiropractic
2610 El Camino Real Suite A
  Carlsbad, CA 92008

Schedule subject to change

​                     Prices

Single Class for one child and one adult:
Additional Children (in family classes) :
                         $5 per child
5 Pack Class Card (one child + one adult)
                        $65                    ($15 for each additional child)

*Military Discount Offered

Children's Yoga & Mindfulness

In each class, children are led through activities that promote five elements of yoga and mindfulness - connection, breath, movement, focus, and relaxation.  Through age appropriate use of creative story-telling, music, props, art, and games, students learn skills they can use in their daily lives. Among the physical benefits are body-awareness, balance, and coordination. Mental and emotional benefits include breathing techniques to calm and/or energize, increased concentration, self-regulation, and social-emotional learning. Above all, classes are held with a spirit of play and fun to keep children engaged and eager to learn!

Teen Yoga & Mindfulness

All classes contain five elements of yoga - connection, breath, movement, focus, and relaxation with focus on student choice and variations. Classes contain a central theme of self-discovery and empowerment, urging students to explore mindful ways of moving and thinking. More specific alignment of poses and anatomy are taught as well as more advanced breathing techniques, and connection based in discussion and reflection. 

​Seed & Song Infant Yoga & Music 

A unique class that offers a blend of yoga and music for care-giver and infant, ages 6 weeks through crawling. Classes are designed to unite mom and baby, music and yoga, movement and breath, mind and body.  
The original soundtrack is an integral part of the class.  The development of the curriculum is rooted in evidence-based music strategies to enhance your practice and stimulate your baby's development. For more information on this curriculum, visit the founders at seedandsong.com